5 Forklift Rental Providers in Las Vegas, NV, to Rent a Forklift from Today

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5 Forklift Rental Providers in Las Vegas, NV

Raymond West

Raymond West is a full-service material handling dealership. The dealership is affiliated with the Raymond forklift manufacturer

It’s headquartered in Santa Fe Springs, CA. It also has a branch in Las Vegas serving Clark County.

Raymond West provides various forklift rental options. However, the focus is on electric forklifts for warehouses. For example, they offer reach trucks, side loaders, and order pickers.

Significantly, Raymond West is highly rated for its services and products. That’s according to the positive feedback in their Google reviews section.

Las Vegas Forklifts

Las Vegas Forklifts operates as a forklift service, sales, and rental company. They started their business in 2021. 

The company offers several industrial forklift models for rent. These include sit-down, counterbalanced, and gas-powered trucks.

Moreover, Las Vegas Forklifts offers flexible rental plans. Customers can choose between short-term and longer-term rental options. 

Despite being a new company, Las Vegas Forklifts has already earned high ratings on its Google Business profile.

Arnold Machinery Company

Arnold Machinery Company was established in 1929. It’s based in Salt Lake City, with locations in 21 other cities, including Las Vegas, NV. They offer equipment sales, servicing, and rentals.

Their rental fleet includes gas and electric sit-down forklifts, stand-up forklifts, and specialty trucks. The company’s flexible rental terms accommodate short-term, seasonal, and long-term durations. 

Arnold Machinery Company has earned positive ratings in its Google reviews.

Southwest ToyotaLift

Southwest ToyotaLift operates as a full-service material handling distributor. Their headquarters is in Mira Loma, CA, but their services extend to Las Vegas. 

At Southwest ToyotaLift, customers can rent a range of Toyota forklifts. Their rental fleet includes forklifts with different fuel types. For example, electric, gas, and diesel-powered models.

The company also has flexible rental periods. These include both short-term and long-term rental options.

In Las Vegas, the company is generally well-received. That’s per their Google reviews.

H&E Equipment Services

H&E Equipment Services is an equipment rental company founded in 1961. It’s headquartered in Baton Rouge, LA. However, the company has a location in Las Vegas.

H&E Equipment Services offers several forklift options. Renters can get everything from pallet jacks to rough terrain forklifts and attachments.

H&E Equipment Services’ Las Vegas branch enjoys generally positive reviews on Google.

How Much You’ll Pay to Rent a Forklift in Las Vegas, NV

To understand forklift rental rates, we gathered 117 data points on seven types of rental forklifts available in Las Vegas.

The table below shows rates for three rental periods: daily, weekly, and monthly. We’ve also listed the lowest and highest prices for each rental duration.

Forklift TypeDurationAverageLowHigh
Walkie Pallet JacksDay$125$84$165
Warehouse StackersDay$194$117$240
Low-Capacity WarehouseDay$314$168$395
Mid-Capacity OutdoorDay$414$276$568
High-Capacity OutdoorDay$905$650$1,395
Straight Mast Rough TerrainDay$461$380$530

Price Factors Affecting Forklift Rental Rates in Las Vegas, NV

Pricing and rental options for forklifts can vary significantly due to several factors. Let’s explore them.

Supply and Demand

The main factor that affects forklift rental prices is supply and demand. This dynamic comes into play, especially with certain types of forklifts. 

Take high-capacity forklifts. Their rental rates are usually higher because of their limited supply.

The location also impacts the rental prices of forklifts. In areas with less industrial activity, there tends to be fewer forklifts available for rent. 

This scarcity can lead to higher rental rates in these less industrialized areas. Las Vegas is one such area. There are fewer forklifts here than in more industrialized regions like the Northeast.

Pricing Structures

Forklift rental costs are based on different pricing structures. Rental providers usually have rates for a day, a week, and a month. 

The daily rates are often the lowest. But, these rates apply to a full 8-hour day. This is true even if you only need the forklift for an hour.

These pricing structures tend to encourage longer rentals. This is because longer rentals provide a steady income for the rental providers.

Furthermore, some rental providers offer discounts on long-term rentals. For example, you might get a 10% discount if you rent for six months or longer.


Most rental providers factor maintenance into their pricing. 

This might increase the rates. But, it covers repair expenses for issues not related to abuse. 

This arrangement benefits renters since it removes the worry of unexpected repair costs.

Incidental Costs

Incidental costs can raise the prices of forklift rentals. 

One such cost is delivery and pickup services. These cover the cost of transporting the forklift to and from your location. Moving the truck within the city can add several hundred dollars to the rental cost.

Another ongoing expense is fuel. This cost varies depending on the type of forklift. 

Electric forklift batteries need to be recharged, which consumes electricity. Meanwhile, internal combustion lift trucks require propane, gasoline, diesel refills, etc.

4 Types of Forklifts You Can Rent in Las Vegas, NV

You can rent various forklift types in Las Vegas to meet your needs. Let’s explore some of these options, grouped by fuel type.

Electric Forklift Rentals

In Las Vegas, you can rent electric forklifts. These include models like pallet jacks, reach trucks, and sit-down forklifts. 

Electric forklifts move and lift via battery-powered electric motors. Such a setup makes them suitable for indoor use because they don’t emit harmful gases.

These forklift trucks are commonly found in warehouses, distribution facilities, and manufacturing environments. Some electric forklift models can also be used for light outdoor tasks.

Propane Forklift Rentals

Another option is propane-powered forklifts. These feature engines like those in cars. The difference is that they run on liquefied propane gas from a tank mounted on the truck’s back. 

Propane forklifts are typically sit-down, 4-wheel models with cushion or pneumatic tires. Cushion tires are designed for indoor use. In contrast, pneumatic tires offer versatility for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Propane forklifts often provide longer run times than electric ones. Still, they are noisier and produce more vibrations, potentially causing operator fatigue.

Diesel Forklift Rentals

You can also find diesel-powered forklifts available for rent in Las Vegas. 

These forklifts have engines that run on diesel fuel. Due to the toxic emissions from diesel fuel, they are only suitable for outdoor use. As such, they come equipped with pneumatic tires. 

Diesel forklifts provide more power compared to propane or electric forklifts. But they’re noisier and produce more vibrations. Additionally, they emit hazardous substances during operation.

Speciality Forklift Rentals

In Las Vegas, you can also rent specialty forklifts. 

For instance, narrow aisle forklifts, multidirectional forklifts, and articulating forklifts. Each is designed to maneuver in tight spaces and handle long materials effectively.

Additionally, there are specialty trucks like rough terrain forklifts available.

Rough terrain forklifts have oversized tires and diesel engines. These features make them well-suited for navigating uneven and challenging terrains. For example, construction sites.

Forklift Rules and Guidelines That Renters in Las Vegas, NV Should Understand

Let’s discuss some vital forklift regulations you should know about if you’re renting a forklift in Las Vegas, NV.


If your business is considering renting a forklift, you’re obligated to follow OSHA’s regulations. These are designed to reduce accidents and maintain workplace safety.

OSHA stands for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. It’s a federal government agency that oversees workplace safety, including forklift usage.

In Nevada, there is also a state-level OSHA. But, in this state, OSHA does not have extra standards for forklifts beyond the federal ones. 

It’s also crucial to note that OSHA’s rules are specific to workplaces. They apply in an employer-employee context and do not apply to homeowners.

Be at Least 18 Years Old

Most circumstances require forklift operators to be 18 years old. The Fair Labor Act dictates this age rule. That said, there are some exceptions in agricultural settings.

Meet the Training and Certification Requirements

Forklift operators don’t need formal education like a diploma or degree. But, they must complete training. They also need their employers’ certification before operating in the workplace.

OSHA outlines three main components of this training. These are:

  1. Formal instruction
  2. Practical hands-on experience
  3. Evaluation

The training must also encompass various topics related to the forklift truck and workplace safety.

After completing the training and evaluations, operators can receive their certification. Employers are responsible for issuing these. 

The certification must include the operator’s name, the trainer’s name, the date of the training, and other details. That’s per OSHA regulations.

Inspect Before Use

Before operating a forklift, it needs to pass an examination. OSHA requires this. The inspection is designed to catch anything defective in the forklift.

Pre-use forklift examinations generally include two parts.

The first part is visual. The person doing the inspection, often the operator, visually checks the forklift. They look for leaks or any damage. 

The second part is operational. This involves testing how the forklift works. 

If there are any problems, they must be reported. This includes unusual sounds, smells, or anything else that could compromise safety. 

It’s the employer’s responsibility to take any defective or unsafe forklifts out of service.

Follow All Operational Rules

Forklift operators must adhere to specific rules when using the lift truck. OSHA has set these guidelines to promote safety. Some mandates include, but are not limited to:

  1. Maintaining a safe travel speed
  2. Not exceeding the forklift’s rated load capacity
  3. Ensuring a constant, clear line of sight
  4. Following the correct procedures when leaving a forklift unattended
  5. Maintaining awareness of pedestrians

You can view OSHA’s website to see more regulations governing forklift use in the workplace.

How to Rent a Forklift in Las Vegas, NV

Let’s discuss the process of renting a forklift in Las Vegas. Whether it’s your first or hundredth time, a refresher on the steps involved can be helpful. 

Determine Your Needs

When renting a forklift, the first step is to identify your specific needs. This involves assessing various factors, like:

  1. What is the maximum weight you need the forklift to lift?
  2. How high do you need to lift your loads?
  3. Do you plan on using the forklift indoors or outdoors?
  4. What type of fuel can you use?
  5. Do you need any extra equipment, like attachments or battery chargers?
  6. How long do you need to use it?
  7. How will you get it delivered and picked up?

Choose a Provider

We’ve discussed five providers with positive ratings in Las Vegas at the top of this page. But feel free to consider other options. Here are some tips if you do:

First, confirm that the provider offers the forklift type you need. Also, confirm that it will be available when you need it. 

Then, ensure the rental equipment is of high quality. That means looking for newer models with relatively low hours. Additionally, check that the equipment has any safety features you need.

Finally, research the provider’s reputation. Use platforms like the Better Business Bureau and Google reviews. You can also ask people you know who’ve rented forklifts for their recommendations.

Contact Your Chosen Provider

After choosing a rental provider, your next step is to get in touch with them. You’ve already clarified your needs. So you’ll be ready to answer the rental agent’s questions. 

Ensure you understand the rental agreement. This includes knowing the duration and rates of the rental. You should also be aware of the maintenance plans and any extra charges that might apply.

Discuss how the equipment will be delivered and picked up. Ask about the costs associated with these services. 

Additionally, confirm that the provider can meet your specific needs. For example, if you need a delivery truck capable of unloading the forklift on the ground instead of a dock.

If you’re happy with the terms and the pricing, go ahead and book the rental. You can use a purchase order if your company has an account with the provider. Otherwise, plan on a credit card.

Receive the Forklift

You’ve arranged the rental. The next step is to wait for the forklift to arrive at your specified location. 

It’s best if you, or someone you choose as a representative, are there when it is delivered. That way, you can inspect the forklift, assess its condition, and ensure it’s what you need.

If you find any problems, let the rental provider know immediately. If everything with the forklift is satisfactory, sign the contract. After signing, you are ready to use the forklift for your purposes.

Put the Forklift to Work

Employers must ensure operators follow OSHA’s forklift usage regulations at all times. That’s whether the forklift is rented, owned, leased, borrowed, etc.

Some of OSHA rules for operating forklifts include:

  1. Using the seatbelt
  2. Never overload the forklift
  3. Not allowing passengers
  4. Securing unattended forklifts

Moreover, if there are any problems with the forklift, document them. Then, report these problems to the rental provider right away.

Stop the Billing

When you’re finished with the forklift, inform the rental agency. This is necessary to halt the billing process. If you don’t, the provider will keep billing you.

You’ll also organize the forklift pickup when you make the rental call-off. Make sure to specify two key details: the pickup location and the contact person at that location.

After the agency retrieves the forklift, they’ll look it over for any issues. Then, they’ll send you a final bill. They may also issue a refund if you’ve paid in advance for longer than you used it.

FAQs About Renting a Forklift in Las Vegas, NV

What kind of forklifts can I rent in Las Vegas, NV?

You can rent several types of forklifts in Las Vegas, NV. For example, you can rent sit-down and stand-up electric forklifts. These are best for indoor tasks. Providers in the area also offer rental propane and diesel-powered forklifts. These have pneumatic tires for traction in the outdoors. 

Who are the best forklift rental sources in Las Vegas?

You have several reputable options when looking for a forklift rental provider in Las Vegas. Some of the top choices are Raymond West and Las Vegas Forklift. Arnold Machinery Company is another good option. This is just a sampling of trustworthy forklift rental agencies in Las Vegas.

What does it cost to rent a forklift in Las Vegas, NV? 

In Las Vegas, the cost of renting a forklift varies significantly. The starting price for the more affordable options is around $125 daily. On the higher end, some forklift rentals cost over $900 daily. Various elements influence these rental prices. For example, the forklift’s size, design, and the prevailing market supply and demand.

Do you need training to use a rented forklift in Las Vegas, NV?

According to OSHA regulations, all forklift operators in Las Vegas must be trained. This rule applies regardless of whether the forklift is rented, owned, or leased. The employer is responsible for ensuring this.

How can I choose the best forklift rental for my needs?

Choosing a forklift that’ll work for you involves assessing several factors. First, consider where you will use the forklift: indoors or outdoors. This choice affects the type of fuel and tires you need. Next, determine the maximum weight you need to lift. This helps you figure out the forklift’s required lifting capacity. Also, consider the height you need for your specific tasks. Ensure you account for any space restrictions, too. For example, like a doorway the forklift needs to fit through.

How long can you rent a forklift for in Las Vegas, NV?

The rental period for a forklift in Las Vegas can range from a single day to several months. This offers flexibility for both short-term and long-term needs. Generally, renting for a more extended period can result in discounted rates.

Do you need insurance to rent a forklift in Las Vegas?

Each forklift rental agency sets its insurance requirements. That means some may ask that you submit proof of homeowners’ insurance if you’re a homeowner. Businesses, particularly newer or smaller ones, may also need proof of insurance. Renters of expensive forklifts may also need to provide insurance proof. This ensures that any damage to the equipment is covered in case of an incident.

How do I get a rental forklift to or from where I need it in Las Vegas, NV?

Often, the rental agency will provide or arrange the transportation of your forklift. Many companies have their own trucks for this purpose. They might also work with external logistics or towing companies to transport their forklifts to you. If these options aren’t available, you can contact logistics or towing companies directly. Ask them if they provide services for transporting forklifts, where they’ll haul them, and how much it’ll cost. Expect several hundred dollars each way for local runs.

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