7 Forklift Repair Providers in Fort Worth, TX: Where to Get Your Forklift Fixed Today

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You’ll see reviews of five reputable forklift repair professionals in Fort Worth. We’ll also delve into the factors affecting the cost of forklift repairs.

Plus, you’ll get tips for troubleshooting some common forklift problems. They might spare you from a costly repair!

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7 Forklift Service and Repair Providers in Fort Worth, TX

Lonestar Forklift

Lonestar Forklift is based in Garland, Texas, but also operates in Fort Worth. Since 1991, the company has offered material handling products and services. These include forklift repair.

Their repair expertise covers all types and models of forklifts. They offer services at their shop in Fort Worth. They can also take place at the customer’s location.

Lonestar Forklift offers comprehensive maintenance programs. They also provide emergency repair services to limit downtime.

The company has a reputation for customer satisfaction, as evidenced by its Google Business Page. There, they receive generally positive reviews.

Shoppa’s Material Handling

Shoppa’s Material Handling is located in Fort Worth, Texas. This company has been an industrial equipment dealership since 1981. They’re an authorized dealer for Toyota forklifts.

Shoppa’s Material Handling offers urgent forklift repairs. They have mobile technicians who can respond within three hours of a service request. 

Besides immediate repairs, Shoppa also offers planned and complete maintenance programs.

Shoppa’s Material Handling has been listed with the Better Business Bureau since 2005. They have an A+ rating there. Furthermore, their Google Business page has generally positive reviews.

Integral Lift Trucks

Integral Lift Trucks is a forklift repair and maintenance provider in Houston, Texas. They started operations in 2017. Besides Houston, the company also serves nearby areas, including Fort Worth.

The company offers around-the-clock emergency forklift repair services. 

Besides this, they provide maintenance plans. They also conduct inspection services to ensure thorough upkeep of equipment.

Integral Lift Trucks has maintained a BBB file since 2022 and has an A rating. Additionally, the company’s Google Business profile has generally positive reviews.

SCS Fleet Services

SCS Fleet Services is in Fort Worth and has been active since 1978. The current owners have been managing it since 2001. This company provides equipment repair services, including for forklifts.

They provide both preventative maintenance and repair programs. These services are available for all types of forklifts. This includes electric, diesel, gas, and propane lift trucks.

Moreover, they offer on-site services to their clients.

SCS Fleet Services has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since 2013. There, they’ve maintained an A+ rating. Plus, their Google Business page lists generally positive reviews.

Crown Lift Trucks

Crown Lift Trucks in Fort Worth is part of the Crown Equipment Company. This company is known for making electric warehouse forklifts. 

In Fort Worth, Crown Lift Trucks repairs and maintains electric forklifts. Their services cover both the forklift trucks and their batteries. 

A unique feature of Crown Lift Trucks is their service app. This software lets customers request and track lift truck services from their mobile devices.

The Fort Worth branch of Crown Lift Trucks has received high ratings on its Google Business page.

Superior Industrial Products

Superior Industrial Products is in Nashville, Tennessee. They started their business in 2012. Since then, they’ve expanded and now have a Fort Worth, Texas, location. 

The company is versatile and offers various services. Among them are forklift repair and maintenance programs for electric and internal combustion forklift trucks.

They provide two types of repair services. Customers can get on-site repairs at their own locations. Or, they can have their forklifts serviced at the company’s shop.

The company has limited reviews on Google. However, they show a generally high level of customer satisfaction.


Malin is in Addison, Texas. They’ve been in the forklift industry since 1971. They’re part of Raymond Corporation, a well-known forklift manufacturer in North America.

Malin provides many services in Fort Worth, TX, including forklift inspections, repairs, and maintenance. Consistent with their relationship with Raymond, they specialize in electric forklifts. 

But they also repair various types of material handling equipment. This includes forklifts not branded by Raymond. Moreover, Malin claims industry-leading response times and high first-time fix rates. 

Malin has a Google Business page with generally positive reviews. Their association with the Raymond brand enhances their credibility as a forklift repair provider.

Rules and Regulations for Forklift Repairs in Fort Worth, TX

Did you know that businesses must follow specific guidelines regarding forklift repairs? That’s according to OSHA, the federal authority that handles workplace safety. Let’s cover some essential standards and guidelines.

Keep Trucks Clean

Firstly, OSHA says employers must keep their forklifts in good working condition. Part of this maintenance involves keeping the trucks clean. 

That means removing excessive oil, dirt, and grease. This is important because these substances make surfaces slippery, which increases the risk of accidents.

Additionally, it’s essential to ensure forklifts do not have excessive lint buildup. Lint can pose a fire hazard, especially if it comes too close to a heat source like the engine.

Conduct Pre-Use Examinations

OSHA requires that forklifts be inspected before they are used. If operations involve multiple shifts, these inspections must happen daily.

OSHA doesn’t detail specific inspection criteria. However, standard industry conventions include having both a visual and operational inspection.

Visual inspections don’t involve turning the forklift on. Instead, inspectors use their sight to spot problems like leaks, missing components, and damage.

Operational inspections happen while the forklift is running. The examiner scans for unusual sights, sounds, smells, and movements.

If any issues or malfunctions are found during either examination, they must be documented.

Remove Unsafe Forklifts from Service

OSHA has strict rules about what condition forklifts must be in to operate. 

They say that if a forklift is defective, in need of repair, or unsafe, it must immediately be taken out of service. Problematic forklifts can only be used again once the problems are fixed.

OSHA considers several factors to decide whether a forklift is unsafe. These include (but aren’t limited to):

  • The forklift’s overall condition
  • Industry guidelines
  • Manufacturer’s recommendations

Overall, it’s up to employers to use their discretion. If the truck could constitute a safety hazard, they must ensure no one uses it.

4 Types of Forklift Services in Fort Worth, TX

Let’s explore the types of forklift repair and maintenance services in Fort Worth, TX. That way, you’ll have a better idea of what you need.


Inspection services are pretty simple. They involve getting a technician to check your forklift when you think there might be a problem. 

The technician will conduct an examination. They’ll try to identify the issue and then create a plan to repair it. 

At the end of the inspection, they’ll estimate how much the repair will cost. With this information, you can decide on what to do next.

For instance, you may go ahead with the repairs. Or, you might continue using the forklift (assuming it’s safe). Or, if the forklift is beyond repair, consider replacing it.

Emergency Repairs

Emergency repair services are also known as reactive maintenance. These services are needed when your forklift suddenly breaks down. For example, if your forklift won’t start or becomes unsafe. 

In these situations, a quick response is crucial. After all, forklifts that aren’t working lead to lost productivity. That can cost businesses money. 

To help reduce downtime, many repair providers employ mobile technicians. They come to your location for on-site repairs, usually within a few hours.

Some providers also offer 24/7 emergency services. These are designed for businesses that operate multiple shifts. That way, they don’t have to wait until regular business hours to request service.

Planned Maintenance

Planned maintenance services for forklifts are like routine vehicle maintenance. These tasks are done at regular, scheduled intervals. For example:

  • Oil changes
  • Changing hydraulic fluids and coolant 
  • Replacing filters
  • Servicing brakes
  • Checking spark plugs

The goal is to replace parts that wear out quickly. It’s also to find and fix any issues that are starting to develop.

How often maintenance needs to happen depends on several factors. These include the forklift’s manufacturer, its type, and what kind of fuel it uses. 

Forklifts with internal combustion engines have more moving parts. So, they need servicing more often. Typically, this is every 200 hours of use.

Electric forklifts, however, have fewer moving parts. That means they can often go 500 hours or more between maintenance sessions.

Full Maintenance

Full maintenance is often called by other names. Aliases include complete maintenance and comprehensive maintenance. 

In any case, these plans cover both reactive and planned maintenance under a single monthly fee. 

That means forklifts under this plan will receive routine maintenance services. It also means the forklifts will be covered if they suddenly malfunction.

With these plans, companies know they won’t have any surprise charges if something goes wrong with their forklift. This offers some peace of mind. Plus, it can simplify budgeting.

Cost Factors Involved in Forklift Repairs in Fort Worth, TX

Let’s discuss some vital factors impacting forklift repair costs in Fort Worth, TX. Understanding these elements will help you navigate quotes and estimate expenses more confidently.

Repair Extent

The scope of the repair is the most significant factor in determining the total repair cost. Repairs vary in size and complexity.

Minor repairs usually cost a few hundred dollars for parts and labor. An example of a minor repair is replacing a seat belt.

Medium-sized repairs can cost from several hundred to a few thousand dollars. Examples include replacing a failed water pump or a blown head gasket.

Significant repairs often cost thousands of dollars. Examples include replacing or rebuilding a transmission.

Type of Forklift

The type of forklift affects the cost of repairs. 

High-capacity forklifts, for example, use more expensive parts. This is because they have more material to handle the stress.

Furthermore, if a forklift is very specialized, it can be costlier to repair. Such trucks may require technicians with particular training. If a technician is unfamiliar, the labor costs could be higher.

Labor Costs

Labor expenses cover several aspects. These include the technician’s time spent on various tasks like the time to:

  • Travel to your location
  • Find the truck within your facility
  • Diagnose the problem
  • Order parts
  • Make the actual repairs
  • Test the fix
  • Answer questions you have

Labor rates can differ between different service providers. The industry standard is around $100 per hour. However, some providers may charge more than this.

Parts Costs

Forklift parts vary widely in price. The cheapest components cost just a few dollars. For instance, o-rings and spark plugs.

High-value items can cost thousands of dollars. For example, hydraulic cylinders and steer axles.

Shipping costs also add to the total bill. After all, heavier parts usually cost more to ship. 

The speed at which parts are needed affects shipping costs, too. Ground transportation is the cheapest option, but it’s also the slowest. 

Faster shipping methods, like next-day air, are more expensive. This is true even for small, lightweight parts like switches. These can cost $50 or more to ship overnight.

Incidental Fees

Shop supplies are considered incidental fees. These include items like rags, cleaning solvents, lubricants, and grease. 

These supplies are used during the repair but are not parts themselves. Expect to pay about $10 to $20 per job for shop supplies.

Environmental fees are another incidental fee you might have to pay. These cover the disposal of environmentally hazardous substances. Typical examples are engine oil and hydraulic oil

Environmental fees typically range from $20 to $30, but they can sometimes be more.

11 Forklift Troubleshooting, Repair, and Maintenance Tips

Here’s some advice for addressing forklift issues and ensuring well-maintained forklifts. These tips can help extend their lifespan, enhance safety, maintain compliance, and boost productivity.

Before proceeding, however, ensure that only authorized personnel perform forklift repairs.

  1. Internal combustion and electric forklifts: Check the battery if there is no start. It’s likely dead
  2. If your LPG forklift is frozen and won’t start, try warming up the regulator to increase fuel flow
  3. For propane forklifts, check the tank if the truck won’t start. It’s likely empty or incorrectly installed
  4. Check the engine oil level before each use. Top off the fluid as needed
  5. Ensure proper tire pressure in air-filled tires; inflate them to the manufacturer’s guidelines
  6. Don’t operate forklifts with worn or chunked-out tires; replace them before use
  7. Maintain enough water in flooded, lead-acid forklift batteries to ensure longevity
  8. Perform a weekly equalization charge on electric forklift batteries to prevent deterioration
  9. Maintain cleanliness by keeping the forklift free of dirt, debris, and lint
  10. Follow manufacturer-specified intervals for changing filters and fluids
  11. Lubricate moving parts like the mast, attachment, and steering axle

FAQs About Forklift Repair in Fort Worth, TX

How often should I schedule forklift maintenance?

Follow your forklift manufacturer’s guidelines for maintenance intervals. Internal combustion trucks typically need maintenance every 250 hours. Electric forklifts usually need service every 500 hours. Most forklifts undergo a more comprehensive service every 2,000 hours, regardless of fuel type.

Are there any warranties on forklift repairs?

Some forklift repair providers offer warranties. For instance, they might cover the cost of a second repair if the first one isn’t successful. This coverage usually includes both parts and labor. But it’s essential to understand the warranty terms before you agree to repairs.

What’s the average response time for forklift repairs?

Response times for forklift repairs vary among providers. Some can respond as quickly as within two hours. Others might take 24 hours or even longer to send a technician to your location.

Can I get a cost estimate before repairing my forklift?

If your forklift’s issue is simple, you might get a total cost estimate over the phone. This estimate would include both parts and labor. The service writer typically provides this. If the issue is more complex, a technician may need to diagnose the problem first. After that, they can provide a quote. It’s good to ask for a quote before agreeing to repairs. That way, you won’t be surprised at the bill.

What safety precautions should I take during forklift maintenance?

Employers and employees need to follow all OSHA regulations related to forklifts. This includes rules about repairs. OSHA states that only authorized personnel should do repairs. Also, repairs should not be done near flammable materials. Refer to OSHA’s regulations in sections P and Q for more detailed safety requirements.

How can I choose a reputable forklift repair service?

Consider a few factors to ensure your forklift gets appropriately fixed at a reasonable price. First, check if the service provider offers the type of repair you need. This could be urgent repair, planned, or complete maintenance services. Next, look at their reputation. One way to do this is by checking their Google reviews and Facebook pages. Another option is to consult the Better Business Bureau.

What are the signs that my forklift needs immediate attention?

Your forklift may need immediate attention if you notice specific signs. These signs include the forklift failing to start or lift. Also, watch out for sputtering, loss of power, or random shutdowns. Additionally, check the hoses in the hydraulic system. It’s time for a replacement if you see exposed metal on them.

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