9 Forklift Repair Providers in Fresno, CA: Where to Get Your Forklift Fixed Today

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We’ll also share troubleshooting advice for common issues like no-start and no-lift scenarios. These insights might spare you a repair bill!

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9 Forklift Service and Repair Providers in Fresno, CA

Wholesale Equipment

Wholesale Equipment is a full-service material handling dealership in Fresno, California. The company specializes in selling, renting, and repairing industrial equipment.

Wholesale equipment repairs all makes and models of forklifts. Moreover, they have factory-trained technicians and a fleet of 25 service vans.

Customers have shown their satisfaction with Wholesale Equipment through positive Google reviews.

FixALL Equipment

FixALL Equipment was established in 2017 and is based in Fresno. It operates as a mobile repair and maintenance business. Their specialty is repairing forklifts and other equipment, like conveyors and docking systems.

The company offers several forklift repair and maintenance services. These include reactive and planned maintenance, plus battery maintenance. They also handle wheel and tire repairs.

FixALL handles repairs in their shop or on-site at the client’s location. Moreover, they offer services in Spanish. This enhances accessibility for a broader range of customers.

FixALL Equipment is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). But they’ve had a file with the BBB since 2021. Currently, they boast an A+ rating there.

Fresno Forklift

Fresno Forklift is a mobile forklift repair and maintenance provider. They serve the Fresno area.

Fresno Forklift offers no-contract planned maintenance programs. They also provide 24-hour emergency service. This ensures that clients receive prompt help during breakdowns. 

Additionally, Fresno Forklift offers a unique guarantee on its repair services. They provide a one-year, 1,000-hour guarantee. This gives clients extra confidence and peace of mind.

The company’s high ratings on Google reviews reflect its commitment to customer satisfaction.

Raymond West

Raymond West is a division of the well-known Raymond brand of forklift trucks. They have a dealer location in Fresno, CA. From this location, they offer forklift repair and maintenance services. 

Despite the Raymond connection, Raymond West repairs all forklift makes and models. Moreover, they promise an on-site response time of just over two hours.

The company offers both scheduled and reactive forklift maintenance services. This caters to both the preventive and immediate repair needs of its customers.

There are few reviews of Raymond West online. But their link to the Raymond brand adds to their credibility as a forklift repair provider.

Papé Material Handling

Papé Material Handling is a well-known full-service material handling company. Their headquarters are in Eugene, Oregon. But they offer their services across the West Coast, including in Fresno.

The company’s forklift repair services cover periodic and planned maintenance. They also provide tire and wheel services and battery and charger maintenance. 

Papé Material Handling can service all makes and models of forklifts. The company promises timely service calls. This demonstrates their commitment to reducing client downtime.

Papé Material Handling’s Fresno location has positive Google reviews. This shows their dedication to customer satisfaction.

Toyota Material Handling Northern California

Toyota Material Handling Northern California is a full-service material handling dealership. The dealership is headquartered in Livermore, California. However, they provide forklift repair and maintenance service options for businesses in Fresno.

Toyota Material Handling Northern California’s forklift repair services are available 24/7. They also offer a mobile service for on-site repairs. And their planned maintenance services apply to all makes and models of forklifts.

The company’s Fresno location enjoys high ratings in Google reviews.

Crown Equipment

Crown Equipment has been in the material handling industry since 1960. They not only manufacture forklifts, but they also provide forklift repair services. They offer these services through their affiliated location in Fresno.

Crown’s repair services cater primarily to electric motive power fork trucks. Congruent with this, they offer additional battery and charger maintenance and repair services.

For added convenience, customers can use the Crown Service Request app. Users can request and track service progress on their smartphones via the app.

Crown Equipment’s Fresno location has high ratings on Google Reviews. Their long experience in manufacturing equipment also adds credibility to their reputation as a forklift repair servicer.

Komatsu Forklift Fresno

Komatsu Forklift of Fresno is a location wholly owned by Komatsu Forklift USA. This brings the reliability and expertise of the Komatsu brand to the Fresno area.

Despite being part of the Komatsu brand, the company repairs all makes and models. Their forklift repair services include planned maintenance programs. Also, they provide after-hours support. 

In addition, Komatsu offers mobile repair services. This increases their accessibility and convenience for clients.

Komatsu Forklift’s Fresno location has positive reviews on Google. That, plus Komatsu’s renown as a manufacturer of forklifts, adds to their credibility.

Cromer Material Handling

Cromer Material Handling is a full-service material handling company. It was founded in 1989 and has a significant presence in California. This includes a location serving Fresno.

Cromer Material Handling offers a range of services, including forklift repairs. Repairs can be done both on-site and at their shop. Additionally, Cromer Material Handling offers planned maintenance agreements.

A standout feature is Cromer’s guaranteed 4-hour response time to service calls. They also provide Saturday emergency service. These show their dedication to reducing customer downtime.

Cromer Material Handling has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 2008. They currently hold an A+ rating.

3 Types of Forklift Repair Services in Fresno, CA

In Fresno, CA, forklift repair services can be divided into several categories. Breaking down services can help you define your needs. It can also simplify communication when you’re arranging for forklift servicing.

Urgent Repair Services

Also known as “reactive maintenance.” This is required when your forklift breaks down or poses safety risks. 

In such situations, the sooner you can get repair help, the faster you can return to work.

Service providers often offer to come to your location to fix your lift truck. This is referred to as “on-site services.” 

Some providers promise fast response times, sometimes within just a few hours. That way, you can return the forklift to service as soon as repairs are done.

Planned Maintenance

Another type of service is planned maintenance. This is also referred to as “proactive maintenance.” 

This service aims to prevent breakdowns before they occur. It includes regular maintenance tasks, like:

  • Oil changes
  • Filter replacements
  • Brake adjustments
  • Servicing or replacing parts that wear out

Typically, this maintenance is carried out every 250 to 500 hours of forklift usage. However, the frequency depends on various factors. For example, the type of forklift, the fuel type, service hours, and environment.

Comprehensive Maintenance Plans

Comprehensive maintenance plans combine elements of both planned and reactive maintenance. 

Technicians are scheduled to perform routine planned maintenance at set intervals. They’re also ready to respond and repair your forklift if unexpected issues arise. 

All parts and labor costs for maintenance and repairs are covered under these plans. This provides added protection against downtime and costs for a single monthly fee.

The Costs of Forklift Repairs in Fresno, CA

One of the most common questions you might have is, “How much will it cost to get my forklift fixed?” Let’s delve into the main factors that influence these costs.

Labor Costs

Labor costs include the technician’s time for various tasks. For example:

  • Traveling to your location
  • Troubleshooting and diagnosing issues
  • Ordering and installing parts
  • Testing the fix

The cost of labor varies between providers. But on average, it’s around $100 per hour. 

Of course, the longer it takes to repair the forklift, the higher the labor costs. Thus, simple forklift repairs may cost several hundred dollars. But more complex jobs can cost thousands.

Parts Costs

The cost of forklift parts can vary a lot. 

Some parts are more expensive because of their complexity or materials. Others are costly due to rare materials, safety features, or engineering requirements. 

Forklift repairs requiring many parts can significantly increase the total expense. 

For example, simple parts like oil filters, air filters, and contact kits may cost between $10 to $20 each. 

But more complex parts can cost thousands of dollars. For example, transmissions, hydraulic cylinders, and steering axles.

Shop Supplies

Shop supplies are needed for the repair but are not part of the primary repair process.

These include rags, cleaning solvents, greases, and lubricants. 

These costs are usually shared among all customers. 

They average around $10 to $20.

Environmental Fees

Environmental fees are sometimes added to the cost. These fees cover the proper disposal of hazardous materials. 

Some examples include batteries, used oil, and other chemicals or fluids. 

Environmental fees can vary depending on the weight and type of materials involved. But they’re typically less than $20.

FAQs About Forklift Repair in Fresno, CA

What are the common signs of forklift problems that may require repair?

Several signs indicate a forklift might need repair. These include difficulty in starting or lifting and experiencing low or dwindling power. Other signs are common leaks, backfiring, and sputtering. Also, damage to parts like tires, the lifting mechanism, or safety instruments like the seat belt means the forklift needs repair.

How can I perform essential maintenance on my forklift to prevent extensive repairs?

Regularly changing the fluids and filters is vital to prevent significant repairs on a forklift. For example, replacing the engine, transmission, hydraulic oils, and associated filters. Keeping tires in good condition is also essential. Worn or damaged tires can damage the forklift’s structural components over time. This can result in expensive repairs.

Are there any safety precautions I should take when attempting forklift repairs?

Basic safety precautions for forklift repairs include chaining and securing the mast, ensuring adequate blocking and bracing material, and wearing protective gear. Keep in mind OSHA’s rules for forklift repairs. Among others, they say that only authorized personnel should perform forklift repairs. These guidelines help minimize accidents.

Where can I find reliable forklift repair shops or technicians in Fresno?

We’ve listed nine reputable forklift repair providers in Fresno at the top of this page. If you want to expand your search beyond that, Google is one way. You can also ask other businesses that use forklifts for their recommendations.

What factors should I consider when choosing a forklift repair service provider?

First, ensure they offer service plans that align with your needs. This could be for urgent repairs or scheduled maintenance. Finding a provider with fast response times is crucial, especially for urgent repairs. You’ll need a provider that can respond after hours if you operate second or third shifts. Additionally, assess their part’s access and how quickly they can get them. Finally, evaluate the quality of their customer service and how pleasant they are to work with.

What are some troubleshooting tips for forklift issues like no-start or no-lift?

If your forklift doesn’t start, the first thing to check is the battery. A low or dead battery is a common cause. This can often be fixed by jumping or charging the battery. Next, ensure the battery is charged, or the fuel tank is full. These are common causes of forklift starting issues.

If your electric-powered forklift won’t lift, check the battery. Some electric forklifts are programmed to disable lifting when the battery is low. This helps conserve power for returning to the charging area. Charging the forklift and then trying again usually resolves this issue.

Are there any regulations or permits required for forklift repair work in Fresno?

Businesses in Fresno must follow federal OSHA and state Cal/OSHA regulations. For example, only qualified personnel perform forklift repairs. OSHA also says servicers must follow proper lockout/tagout procedures to prevent harm from energized components during repairs. These are just some of the obligations OSHA places on businesses repairing forklifts.

How much does it cost to fix a forklift in Fresno?

It can cost anywhere from $100 to tens of thousands of dollars to fix a forklift in Fresno. The total cost depends on the severity of the issue and the repairs needed. The main expenses in forklift repairs are labor and parts. Labor rates usually begin at $100 per hour. The cost for parts can range from a few cents to thousands of dollars per component.

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