7 Forklift Repair Providers in Kansas City, MO: Where to Get Your Forklift Fixed Today

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Need your forklift repaired in Kansas City, MO?

You’re in the place.

To that end, you’ll find a list of trusted forklift repair experts in Kansas City. Following that, we’ll dive into the cost considerations for forklift repairs.

You’ll also get tips for keeping your forklift running in tip-top shape. These insights could save you a repair bill!

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7 Forklift Service and Repair Providers in Kansas City, MO

RDS Equipment, Inc.

RDS Equipment, Inc. operates as a material handling dealership and support center. It’s located in Independence, MO. The company serves the greater Kansas City area. 

They offer both in-shop and field forklift service options. Moreover, they work on all forklift brands.

Additionally, RDS Equipment, Inc. provides flexible maintenance plans. These include planned maintenance and full-service programs.

Their Google profile mostly shows positive reviews. These reflect the satisfaction of their clients.


Recyclifts specializes in services for forklifts and other heavy equipment. They’ve served businesses in Kansas City, MO, since at least 2011.

The company offers forklift repair and maintenance, painting services, attachment installation, and tire replacement. They also offer preventative maintenance for all forklift types and fuels.

Customers can have repairs done at their own site or at Recyclifts’ shop. Additionally, they promise “quick to site” services to get their customers’ equipment up and running fast.

Recycle Lifts has generally positive reviews on its Google business page.

Integral Lift Trucks

Integral Lift Trucks was established in 2017 in Houston, Texas. Although their main office is in Texas, they serve several other areas, including Kansas City, MO.

The company offers 24/7 emergency repairs. They also provide preventative maintenance programs.

Additionally, they offer parts for major forklift brands such as Toyota, Heister, and Crown.

Integral Lift Trucks has generally positive reviews on its Google business profile page.

Riekes Equipment

Riekes Equipment is a full-service material handling distributor and service center. Their headquarters is in Additionally, they have a location in North Kansas City, Missouri.

Riekes Equipment services all brands and models of forklifts. They also provide 24/7 emergency repair response service. 

Additionally, they offer customizable maintenance plans. These plans allow clients to tailor preventative maintenance to suit their specific needs.

Riekes Equipment has maintained a file with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since 1993. They enjoy an A-plus rating there. Moreover, Riekes Equipment has generally positive ratings on Google.

Heubel Shaw

Heubel Shaw is the exclusive dealer for Raymond Corporation lift trucks in Kansas City, MO. Besides sales and rentals, they also offer repair and maintenance services for electric forklifts.

Heubel Shaw offers mobile service with an average response time of about two hours. This means they can quickly get to their customer’s location to repair their lift trucks.

Moreover, Heubel Shaw provides maintenance services. This includes planned maintenance to prevent problems and promote equipment longevity.

Heubel Shaw enjoys generally positive reviews on its Google business page.

Lift Truck Sales & Service Inc.

Lift Truck Sales & Service Inc. is a full-service material handling company. They’re headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri. The company represents forklift brands like Clark and Doosan forklifts.

Lift Truck Sales & Service Inc. provides forklift repair and maintenance options. For example, they offer customizable, complete maintenance programs.

Moreover, the company claims a state-of-the-art service facility. They also provide trucking services for transporting forklifts.

The company’s Kansas City location has generally favorable ratings on its Google business page.

Crown Lift Trucks

Crown Lift Trucks is a subsidiary of Crown Equipment Corporation. The latter is a forklift manufacturer based in Ohio. Their Lenexa, KS, location serves businesses in Kansas City, MO.

Crown Lift Trucks offers material handling services, including sales, rentals, and repairs. The company is primarily known for its focus on the electric forklift market. 

A unique feature of Crown is its Crown Service Request app. Customers can request service and track progress from their mobile devices via this app.

Crown Lift Trucks’ Lenexa, KS location enjoys generally positive Google reviews.

Forklift Repair Rules and Guidelines Businesses in Kansas City, MO Should Know

Businesses nationwide must abide by Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) regulations. OSHA is a federal agency that oversees workplace safety. 

Let’s review some critical rules and guidelines businesses should know about forklift repairs. That way, you can maintain compliance and avoid accidents.

Remove Unsafe Forklifts from Service

OSHA requires employers to maintain their forklifts properly. Employers must not use or operate any forklift that’s defective, needs repairs, or poses a safety risk. 

A forklift must immediately be taken out of service if it has any of these issues. The forklift can only be used again after identifying and fixing the problem. 

In a letter of interpretation, OSHA says it “will consider the totality of the circumstances surrounding a powered industrial truck in determining whether it is ‘in need of repair’ or ‘defective.'”

That said, OSHA gives some specific examples. For instance, cracked welds, missing bolts, and damaged tires would render a forklift truck unsuitable for service.

Inspect Before Using

OSHA requires that forklifts be examined before each use. This is especially important in multi-shift operations. In these cases, the forklift should be inspected at least once daily. 

The main goal of these inspections is to find problems that could make the forklift unsafe. These examinations generally have two stages: visual inspections and operational inspections. 

In the visual inspection stage, the inspector examines the forklift. They look for issues like leaks, damage, or missing parts. The aim is to find any visible problems that could affect safety.

During the operational inspection, the inspector uses all their senses – sight, smell, touch, feel, and hearing to check the forklift’s operating condition. 

If the inspector finds any issues, they must be reported immediately. If the problems are serious, the employer must take the forklift out of service.

Keep Documentation

When using a service center, they should provide a detailed work order for any forklift repairs or maintenance items performed. The work order should include notes on various aspects, such as:

  • The problem identified
  • The diagnosis
  • The steps taken to correct the issue
  • The parts used
  • The time spent on the repairs

OSHA doesn’t require employers to keep records of forklift examinations or repair/maintenance activities. 

Still, maintaining documentation of them is wise. They serve as proof of work completed and compliance with manufacturer and industry guidelines for upkeep.

3 Types of Forklift Repair Services in Kansas City, MO

Forklift repairs cover a wide range of issues. So, it’s helpful to understand what categories they fall into. Knowing this makes it easier to communicate with the service center and get the help you need.

Emergency Repairs

Emergency repair services for forklifts are needed when a forklift suddenly breaks down or is found defective or unsafe. Otherwise, the forklift can’t be used.

Downtime is a significant issue in such cases. After all, if the forklift isn’t working, it can’t make the business money. 

Many service providers offer on-site forklift repairs and quick response times to rectify the situation. These help get their clients’ forklifts back to work quickly, reducing disruptions.

Some service providers also offer 24/7 repair services. That way, they can serve businesses that operate multiple shifts beyond regular hours.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative forklift maintenance plans are also known as proactive or planned maintenance. These plans include scheduled repairs and maintenance at regular intervals. 

The main goals of preventative maintenance are to:

  • Take care of wear-and-tear components
  • Replace consumable parts
  • Fix minor issues before they turn into major, expensive problems

How often maintenance happens typically depends on the forklift’s make and model. This includes whether it is an internal combustion or electric forklift.

For example, internal combustion forklifts usually need maintenance every 200 hours. This can include:

  • Changing oil and filters
  • Replacing spark plugs and distributors
  • Flushing coolants

Electric forklifts have longer maintenance intervals, usually every 500 hours. This is because they have fewer moving parts than internal combustion forklifts. Therefore, there’s less to wear out.

Full Maintenance

Complete maintenance plans for forklifts include both reactive and planned maintenance. 

In these plans, you pay a fixed monthly fee. This covers all planned maintenance, including parts and labor. 

If sudden problems occur, the cost of labor and parts needed for reactive repairs is also included in the monthly fee. 

These plans allow businesses to handle all their forklift repair and maintenance needs through a single, all-inclusive package. 

But there are some exceptions. Costs resulting from misuse or abuse of the forklift are typically not covered.

3 Cost Factors Impacting Forklift Repair Prices in Kansas City, MO

The cost of repairing a forklift can vary a lot. It can be as little as a few hundred dollars for minor repairs. Or, it can reach tens of thousands of dollars for complex overhauls. 

Let’s discuss several factors that affect the cost of forklift repairs. To get an exact idea of the cost of your forklift repair, it’s best to get quotes from service providers.


Labor costs are a significant part of the total cost of forklift repairs. 

Forklift technicians charge by the hour. Their services include travel time, troubleshooting, and making repairs. 

The hourly rates charged by technicians can vary between service providers. But a typical rate is around $100 per hour. 

That means a simple forklift repair job that only takes a couple of hours can cost hundreds of dollars.


The cost of parts is the second key factor in forklift repair expenses. 

The prices of these parts can range from relatively low to quite high. For minor repairs, like replacing a seatbelt, the cost might be about $100.

But, replacing more significant components can be more expensive. Parts such as a water pump or starter motor can cost several hundred dollars. 

Principal components, like transmissions, steer axles, and hydraulic cylinders, can increase the cost considerably. These parts often cost thousands of dollars.


Incidental costs are essential items used in repairs but not replacement parts. Shop supplies are the most common incidental fee in forklift repairs.

Examples of incidental items are lubricants, cleaning solvents, and rags. The cost for these items is usually modest, ranging from $10 to $20.

Environmental fees are another potential charge. These fees are related to the safe disposal of hazardous substances. This includes used engine and hydraulic oils, coolants, and spent batteries. 

Environment fees typically range from $20 to $30.

12 Forklift Maintenance Tips to Save You a Repair Bill

Since forklifts have moving parts, they need regular maintenance. This helps keep them functional and safe. 

If maintenance is neglected, repairs become more frequent and expensive. To help you keep your forklift in good condition, here are some tips for proper forklift maintenance:

  • Maintain proper fluid levels for engine oil, hydraulic fluid, and coolant
  • Check water levels for lead-acid batteries and top them off as needed
  • Replace damaged or worn tires
  • Inflate air-filled tires to the recommended tire pressure
  • Regularly grease and lubricate moving parts like pulleys, axles, and attachments
  • Ensure forklift operators receive proper training in inspections and maintenance
  • Provide and use personal protective equipment (PPE), especially around batteries
  • Restrict forklift repair and maintenance tasks to authorized and trained personnel
  • Keep up with preventative maintenance, like fluid and filter changes
  • Maintain records of all maintenance and repair actions
  • Regularly clean the forklift to prevent dust and debris buildup
  • Seek professional help for complex issues

FAQs About Forklift Repair in Kansas City, MO

What are the common signs that my forklift needs repair in Kansas City, MO?

Many common issues with forklifts lead to service calls. These issues include forklifts that won’t start, won’t lift, or won’t move. Other problems are low power, choppy performance, and sputtering. Electrical issues are also frequent. These can include broken switches or corroded wires. Safety-related repairs are necessary, too. For instance, damaged seat belts and overhead guards.

How much does repairing a forklift in Kansas City, MO, cost?

In Kansas City, MO, the cost of repairing a forklift varies. Simple repairs can cost a hundred dollars or more for parts and labor. An example of this is replacing a torn seat belt. More complex repairs, like replacing water or hydraulic pumps, might cost $1,000 or more. The most complicated repairs can cost several thousand dollars. For instance, replacing a transmission or a damaged hydraulic cylinder.

Are emergency forklift repair services available in Kansas City, MO?

Many providers promise a fast response in Kansas City if you need urgent forklift repair. Some claim the ability to be at your site in as little as a couple of hours. For example, Heubel Shaw notes that its average response times are around two hours.

What types of forklift maintenance plans are offered in Kansas City?

Forklift service plans in Kansas City include urgent repair services, planned maintenance, and complete maintenance. Urgent repair services are designed to be deployed quickly to minimize downtime. Planned maintenance covers tasks like oil changes. Complete plans cover both urgent repairs and planned maintenance. They include all parts and labor in a single monthly payment.

How can I find a reliable forklift repair provider in Kansas City?

To find a reliable forklift repair provider in Kansas City, start by looking at the top of this page. We’ve listed seven reputable forklift repair providers there. You can also search on Google. Additionally, ask for personal recommendations from businesses you know that use forklifts.

What key factors influence forklift repair costs in Kansas City, MO?

In Kansas City, MO, the main factors influencing forklift repair costs are labor, parts, and incidental fees. Labor costs are the hourly charges for the technician’s time. They start at around $100 per hour. The cost of parts varies greatly. Some parts cost a few dollars. Others can cost thousands. Incidental fees include shop supplies and environmental fees. These can add $20 to $50 to your repair bill.

What are some forklift maintenance tips for keeping my forklift in good shape?

To keep your forklift in good condition, follow some essential maintenance tips. Regularly keep up with planned maintenance. This includes replacing consumables like engine and hydraulic fluids, coolants, and filters. Also, regularly inspect and replace worn or damaged tires. This helps ensure the smooth operation of the lift truck.

Do I need to follow specific regulations for forklift repairs in Kansas City, MO?

In Kansas City, MO, businesses must follow specific regulations for forklift repairs set by the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). For example, employers must take any defective or unsafe forklifts out of service. Additionally, OSHA says that only authorized employees can repair forklifts. You can see what OSHA says about forklift repair and maintenance regulations under standards 1910.178(p) and 1910.178(q).

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