10 Forklift Training Programs in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (In-Person and Online)

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5 Places to Get In-Person Forklift Training in Milwaukee, WI

First Quality Forklift Training LLC

First Quality Forklift Training LLC is located in Appleton, Wisconsin. They focus solely on safety training services. That includes forklift operator training, forklift train-the-trainer programs, and aerial lift training. Although they are based in Appleton, their services extend to Milwaukee.

The training courses they offer last for three days. These courses are tailored for on-site learning, meaning they occur in person at a client’s location. After completing the course, participants are awarded a wallet card and a certificate.

First Quality Forklift Training LLC has had Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation since 2017. There, they maintain an A+ rating.

All Purpose Forklift Training

All Purpose Forklift Training was established in 2008. In South Milwaukee, they provide on-site forklift operator training. This service is available at the business’s own facility. It can also occur at the client’s chosen location for extra convenience. Training is both in-person and online.

Also, All Purpose Forklift Training offers 24/7 training availability in both English and Spanish. Moreover, they provide tailored training options. This means training can cover the specific needs of different companies.

All Purpose Forklift Training has generally positive reviews on Google.

Wolter Inc.

Wolter Inc. is located in Brookfield, Wisconsin, about 15 miles west of Milwaukee. They are a full-service material handling provider, offering sales of many types of industrial equipment. Besides machinery, they also offer forklift operator training programs. 

They offer training at their own facility or the customer’s location. The training sessions can accommodate different work shifts, including Saturdays. Also, the program covers all 7 classes of forklifts.

Wolter Inc. boasts an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website. Moreover, Wolter claims to have trained over 65,000 operators to date.

Badger ToyotaLift

Badger ToyotaLift is a full-service material handling dealership in New Berlin, Wisconsin. That’s about 15 miles southwest of Milwaukee. The company offers many services, including selling, renting, and repairing forklifts. They also offer forklift operator training.

Badger ToyotaLift’s training includes instruction, a written test, and a practical evaluation. The instruction part of the training is conducted online. But, the practical, hands-on training is carried out in person. This approach ensures compliance with OSHA standards.

Badger ToyotaLift is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). But they’ve maintained a file with the BBB since 1999. There, the company has an A+ rating.

Yes Equipment and Services

Yes Equipment and Services is a material handling dealership located in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. That’s about 20 miles northwest of Milwaukee. The company sells new and used industrial and farm equipment. Also, they provide repair services, parts, and forklift operator training.

Their operator training program happens at their Menomonee Falls facility. Clients can also choose to have the training done at their location. This option offers flexibility and convenience.

Yes Equipment and Services is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). But they have a file with the BBB dating back to 1999, where they maintain an A+ rating.

5 Places to Get Online Forklift Training in Milwaukee, WI

You can check our page on the best online forklift certification programs for more in-depth information and reviews. Below are a few online providers from that list.


ForkliftTraining.com™ offers courses in both English and Spanish. These programs are available to individuals and businesses. The training covers all major types of forklifts. 

After completing a course, participants receive a printable certificate. They also get wallet-sized certification cards. Participants have up to 12 months to complete the course. Additionally, there is a 15-day refund policy available. 

Forklift operators from companies like Home Depot and Amazon have used ForkliftTraining. com’s™ services.


360training provides training for forklifts and other equipment. Their courses are suitable for both individuals and companies. The latter can enjoy bulk sale discounts for training multiple employees. 

The company has received mixed feedback about its customer service. But to guarantee satisfaction, 360training offers a 72-hour refund policy.

Training Network 

Training Network has thirty years of experience in safety training. It caters primarily to businesses. But, individuals can also buy their courses. 

Training programs include online classes, DVDs, and USB drives. The DVD kits come with guidebooks and quizzes. Training Network provides a 14-day refund policy for added peace of mind.

OSHA Education Center

The OSHA Education Center provides online forklift certification courses. The training covers all seven types of forklifts. These courses are available in both English and Spanish. They are designed for both individuals and businesses. 

After finishing the course, participants get a wallet card. They also receive a printable certificate for their records. 

It’s important to note that this company is not connected with the government agency OSHA. The OSHA Education Center has received generally high customer ratings despite having no formal government connection.

Forklift Academy

Forklift Academy offers concise training programs. These are available in English and Spanish. The programs cater to both individuals and companies. 

Their training includes an online test, which can be taken multiple times. They also offer an optional picture identification wallet card. Moreover, Forklift Academy offers a web portal to help companies track their employees’ training progress.

Forklift Academy currently enjoys an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Forklift Operator Training Requirements in Milwaukee, WI

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) mandates that employers provide training before individuals can operate forklifts. Understanding their rules can help ensure compliance and safety. So, let’s go through some critical rules.

Meet the Minimum Age

Operators must be at least 18 to use a forklift. That said, there are exceptions in some instances. 

Get Trained and Certified

All operators need training on the safe operation of forklifts. This training must include formal instruction and practical experience with the lift truck. These are followed by evaluating the operator’s performance in workplace conditions.

After completing this training, operators can be certified. The certification can come from the employer or an authorized third-party training center. OSHA requires the certification to contain the operator’s name, the trainer’s name, the training date, and a few other details.

Refresher Training

Forklift certification remains valid for up to three years. After that, OSHA says that operators must take refresher training. However, operators may need such training even sooner under several scenarios. For example, if they’re involved in an accident.

3 Advantages of Forklift Training in Milwaukee, WI (and Beyond)

We understand that forklift training is not optional but rather a government rule. So, why is it mandated in the first place? Let’s explore some of these benefits.

Better Safety

Forklift accidents constitute a significant workplace hazard. They cause about 6,600 injuries and around 80 deaths each year. 

Put simply, forklift operator training improves workplace safety. 

OSHA cites a study showing the impact of this training. The study found that well-trained operators commit 70% fewer errors. The logic is that fewer errors translate to fewer accidents. And workplaces with fewer accidents are safer.

Higher Revenues

Forklift training can lead to higher revenues. This is due to improved productivity, a notable benefit of the training. 

OSHA’s referenced study found a 61% improvement in operator performance after training. This means that trained operators have better skills. And these skills lead to more efficient work practices. 

Operators can move materials faster while maintaining safety. This efficiency can result in more work done and higher company revenues.

Lower Costs

Forklift accidents bring not only human costs but also financial burdens to companies.

These can come from workers’ compensation claims, higher insurance rates, and fines. For example, OSHA often penalizes businesses for inadequate forklift training related to accidents.

Practical training enhances safety by reducing accidents. Reducing accidents can lead to significant cost savings.

3 Tips for Choosing the Best Forklift Training Program in Milwaukee, WI

Let’s review what you need to know to choose the right forklift training program.


First, ensure the training provider caters to your specific situation. For example, some companies focus only on business-to-business relationships. That means they offer training mainly for managers in organizations to certify their employees. 

Suppose you are an individual seeking certification, and you’re turned away. You can look into local community colleges and vocational schools. For instance, organizations like Goodwill. Sometimes, these institutions have courses designed for individual operators.

Training Format

Forklift operator training comes in two main formats: in-person and online. Some providers offer a mix of both. Remember, OSHA’s requirements for forklift training include instruction, hands-on experience, and evaluation. 

The instructional part is often available online. This option saves costs and offers convenience, as it can be completed in an hour or two. But, the practical experience and evaluation must be done with actual equipment. And it must take place in a work-like environment.

You may do the instructional part online if you’re seeking a forklift operator job. Then, you can complete the hands-on and evaluation parts after being hired. This works because employers usually facilitate these last pieces to meet OSHA’s rule for training specific to the workplace and equipment used there.


Research is vital before choosing a forklift training program. The digital age makes it easier to access reviews and ratings. How can you assess a training program’s credibility?

Start with a Google search. If the company has a Google Business Profile, check the reviews section. It’s usually on the right of the search results page if you use a desktop computer. Here, individuals share their feedback.

Next, do a search on Facebook for the business. If they have a Facebook page, there’s often a section for reviews where users have shared their opinions of the provider.

You can also check for Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation. This is a sign of a reputable business. Visit the BBB’s website and search for the company name. Even if they’re not accredited, you may still be able to find reviews or complaints. This information helps assess their credibility.

FAQs About Forklift Safety Training in Milwaukee, WI

How do you become a certified forklift operator in Milwaukee, WI?

To become a forklift operator in Wisconsin, you must fulfill three OSHA requirements. First, complete formal instructions on forklift operation. Second, get hands-on experience with the type of forklift truck you will use. Lastly, undergo an evaluation of your operating abilities in a work setting. After these steps, your employer or training company can issue your certification.

How long does it take to get a forklift certification in Milwaukee, WI?

Obtaining a forklift certification in Wisconsin can take one to three days. The formal instruction part can take one to four hours. The hands-on part may take 15 to 30 minutes. The workplace evaluation also takes about 15 to 30 minutes. The larger the class, the longer the training takes.

How much does it cost to get forklift certified in Milwaukee, WI?

Online certification courses, covering the formal instruction part, cost $50 to $100. This could be your only cost if your employer provides the hands-on training and certification. For all three training components (i.e., instruction, hands-on, and evaluation), costs range from $150 to $200 per person.

What is the average income for a forklift driver in Milwaukee, WI?

In Milwaukee, WI, forklift operators earn between $37,000 and $43,000 annually. That’s according to Intuit, Indeed, and ZipRecruiter.com data.

What is the typical salary for a forklift operator in Milwaukee, WI?

In Milwaukee, forklift operators earn about $19 per hour. That’s about $40,000 to $43,000 per year. This information is according to ZipRecruiter.com. This hourly wage is below the national average of $21 per hour for operators. But it’s still in the higher salary range.

Is there a high demand for forklift operators in the United States?

The demand for forklift operators in the United States is steady. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), it’s expected to grow at an average rate. The BLS projects that there will be around 88,900 job openings annually through 2032. This growth rate is like the average across all occupations.

What is the minimum age to operate a forklift in Milwaukee, WI?

You must be 18 years old to operate a forklift in Wisconsin. This is according to federal law. But, there are exceptions for minors under 18. These exceptions apply if they are working in agricultural settings.

How can I transfer my forklift certification to Wisconsin from another state?

Your employer must confirm that you meet OSHA’s safety and training standards. For example, they’ll need to ensure your training covers the type of forklift you will use in your new job. Also, your employer must ensure you’re familiar with the unique conditions at your new workplace. If your employer is happy, they can formally certify you to operate a forklift in Wisconsin.

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