Forklift Training in Philadelphia, PA: Where to Get Certified Today!

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The skyline of Philadelphia, PA. For those seeking forklift training in Philadelphia, there are many options. Providers offer both in-person and online courses. Options exist for both individual operators seeking certification and businesses looking to train operator-employees.

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Where to Get Forklift Training in Philadelphia, PA

You can get in-person forklift certification training in Philadelphia, PA. You can also choose to enroll in an online training course. Here are your options:

In-Person Forklift Certification in Philadelphia, PA

Goodwill Industries of New Jersey and Philadelphia

Goodwill provides one-day forklift certification in P.A., including Philadelphia. It covers the safe operation of three and four-wheel forklifts. Once you finish, you’ll get a certification.

Total Equipment Training

Total Equipment Training offers classroom lectures and hands-on practice. Trainees also learn about the regular upkeep of forklifts. They say their programs follow the relevant government standards for certification.

Karl Environmental Group

Karl Environmental gives professional forklift training. They combine classroom instruction, practical demonstrations, and evaluations. Successful trainees receive a Certificate of Training and a wallet-sized card.

All Staffing Warehousing

This company offers in-person training in P.A. every other Thursday and Saturday. The program includes instructor-led classes, hands-on practice, and forklift tests. The course lasts 6 to 8 hours, all in one day.

Diamond Tool

Diamond Tool holds its 4-hour course at the Philadelphia Training Center. It includes classroom learning and practical training. It covers safety rules, operating procedures, and equipment maintenance.

All Purpose Forklift Training

All Purpose Forklift Training provides on-site forklift training in the Philadelphia area. They claim to tailor their courses to each company’s needs. They also offer a forklift train-the-trainer program.

Environmental Risk Services (ERS)

ERS conducts forklift training with classroom sessions, driving evaluations, and equipment checks. Their training ensures you meet OSHA regulation 29 CFR 1910.178. They also provide phone and email support for safety or OSHA queries.

Online Forklift Certification in Philadelphia, PA™™ offers English and Spanish courses for individuals and businesses. They cover all major forklift types using pictures, animations, and videos. You get a printable certificate and wallet certification cards, with a year to complete the course. They also offer a 15-day refund policy. Forklift drivers from big companies like Home Depot and Amazon use them.


360training offers forklift and other equipment training for both individuals and companies. They give discounts for business bulk purchases and have a 72-hour refund policy. Known globally for varied training, they have mixed reviews on customer service.

Training Network 

Training Network caters to businesses, but individuals can also buy their courses. They offer different forklift training formats. For example, online, DVDs, and USB drives, with guidebooks and quizzes in their DVD kit. They have 30 years of safety training experience and a 14-day refund policy.

OSHA Education Center

This center provides online forklift certification in English and Spanish. Their training is for both individuals and companies, covering all 7 types. They offer a wallet card and printable certificate. The company is not linked with OSHA. But it does enjoy high customer ratings.

Forklift Academy

Forklift Academy has concise training in English and Spanish for individuals and businesses. It includes an online test with unlimited tries and an optional picture I.D. wallet card. They have a portal for companies to track employee training. They also hold an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. offers courses in English and Spanish, covering all 7 forklift types. Graduates get a printable card and a mailed laminated card upon finishing. Accredited by the BBB since 2008, they also have an excellent Trustpilot rating.

U.S. Forklift Certification

They provide English-language individual and train-the-trainer programs in English and Spanish. Their training includes a wallet card, a printable certificate, and a hard hat sticker. They also offer trainer training kits and have a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Udemy has forklift courses in English, offering lifetime access. Course lengths vary, and you get a certificate at the end. The Udemy platform has had some user complaints. But their forklift courses generally have good ratings.

Philadelphia Forklift Certification Requirements for OSHA Compliance

Let’s look at the OSHA forklift certification requirements in Philadelphia. It’s like getting a driver’s license because you must follow the government’s rules. But there are key differences. Let’s go through what you should know:

OSHA’s Role in Forklift Certification

Occupational Safety and Health Administration is OSHA’s full name. This agency plays a crucial role in workplace safety, including forklifts. OSHA sets rules at a national level. States can develop their own certification program. But they must be at least as strict as the federal OSHA regulations. Pennsylvania does not have a state OSHA program. Thus, it follows OSHA’s national standards. In other words, OSHA governs forklift certification in Pennsylvania. In Philadelphia, the local OSHA Office checks that forklift use follows the rules. They work with additional offices in Allentown and Harrisburg across Pennsylvania.

Essential OSHA Forklift Training Requirements

One key point of OSHA’s forklift training requirements is that operators must be 18. But there are some exceptions. Another rule is that employers must make sure every forklift operator is well-trained and safe. Training must include formal instruction, hands-on training, and evaluation in the workplace. Successful operators get a certification from their employer. This document must list their name, trainer’s name, training date, and evaluation date. 

Certification Validity and Refresher Training

Certification is valid for 3 years. However, OSHA requires updated training sooner in certain situations. These include accidents or changes at work that affect forklift safety.

Third-Party Forklift Training Programs

Many companies choose to develop their own forklift training programs. Some businesses choose to outsource the work to other businesses. OSHA says 3rd-party programs are acceptable. Likewise, individual forklift operators can get forklift training from any source. Ultimately, it’s up to the employer to ensure the training is enough. Employers must also ensure operators get briefed on hazards specific to the workplace.

3 Benefits of Forklift Operator Training and Certification

Let’s talk about the real-world benefits of forklift operator training and certification. This isn’t about ticking off boxes for the sake of government regulations. There’s much to gain from forklift training:

Fewer Accidents and Injuries

Training leads to fewer accidents and injuries. OSHA cites a study showing a 70% reduction in operator errors post-training. Operators also saw a 61% improvement in performance. The logic is that well-trained forklift operators are less likely to get into accidents than untrained ones. Thus, workplaces have fewer fatalities and injuries.

Less Damage

Another significant benefit is less damage. Forklifts, when mishandled, can wreak havoc. The lift truck can break. Infrastructure like pallet racking, doors, and walls can suffer. Not to mention the products. This can lead to delays, angry customers, and lost revenue. Operators can even lose their jobs!

Regulatory Compliance

OSHA requires that all forklift operators get adequate training. Forklift training and certification aren’t optional; they’re mandated by the government. Compliance ensures you’re on the right side of the law. Non-compliance can tarnish a reputation. And let’s remember the fines – OSHA can slap a $15,000 penalty for a single violation.

Types of Forklift Training Programs

Let’s explore the types of forklift training programs. Understanding the options available, especially in today’s digital world, is essential. You can choose between in-person and online training. Each has its benefits and drawbacks for individuals and businesses.

OSHA’s Role in Forklift Training

First, know that OSHA does not offer operator training. It also doesn’t endorse specific courses. Instead, many third-party trainers like businesses, safety groups, and technical colleges exist. These are usually paid programs. Employers need to ensure any course they accept covers all workplace-specific safety aspects. If there’s a gap in the training, it’s the employer’s responsibility to address it.

Online Forklift Certification

Online courses provide safety training over the Internet. You can access training from various devices. The programs usually involve videos, games, and interactive activities. You’ll receive a certificate after completing the training and passing a test. Employers often have more capabilities. For instance, they can track their employees’ training progress through a portal. The downside of online training is that it can be challenging to choose credible ones. We compiled a guide to the best online forklift certification courses to help.

In-Person Training Programs

In-person training is more like a traditional classroom experience. This learning format features lectures and group activities. In some cases, the trainer will come to the workplace. This makes it easier to tailor the training to the specifics of the work environment. But, these programs can be costly. And you’re at the mercy of the trainer’s schedule. If you need training fast, you could be out of luck.

How to Become a Forklift Operator in Pennsylvania

Becoming a forklift operator in Pennsylvania is a relatively straightforward process. That’s whether you’re getting certified yourself or getting others approved. Here’s how to do it:

Meet the Minimum Requirements

First, make sure you meet the basic requirements. You must be 18 years old unless you work in agriculture. Most jobs ask for a high school diploma or GED. You don’t, however, need a driver’s license to operate a forklift. If you have medical conditions, they may not necessarily disqualify you. For example, if you have a hearing impairment. It’s at the employer’s discretion. If your employer feels you can operate safely, they can authorize you.

Choose Forklift Safety Training

Next, choose a forklift safety training program. We’ve listed both in-person and online options to help you pick. Ensure the training fits the type of forklift you’ll use and is from a trusted provider.


Signing up is straightforward. For online training, it’s like buying something online. You’ll get an email with all the details. You might need to pick dates and book over the phone or online for in-person training.

Take and Pass the Course

Once you arrive or gain access, take the course and aim to pass it. Online training usually takes 1-2 hours. In-person training is longer, about 4-8 hours. The training will cover the forklift and how to work safely with it.

Get Hands-on Training

After the classroom part, you’ll do hands-on training. Some in-person courses include this training. If you did online training, show your certificate to your employer for this part. Your employer will then arrange for you to receive hands-on training.

Pass the Final Evaluation

Finally, there’s a last check to ensure you can use a forklift safely. This evaluation tests what you’ve learned. This must be performed by a qualified individual. Usually, the employer handles it. When you pass, you’ll get a certificate with your name, the trainer’s name, and the training dates. Then, you’re all set to work as a forklift operator!

Forklift Job Outlook and Pay for Certified Operators in Philadelphia, PA

Working as a forklift operator in Philadelphia is a good career choice. A Philadelphia forklift operator earns between $34,876 and $45,000 a year. That’s roughly $16.77 to $21.63 per hour. Some operators also get overtime pay of around $5,204 per year.

The wage range for forklift operators in Philadelphia, PA, aligns with the national average. The average wage in the U.S. for this type of work is $41,730 a year, or about $20.06 an hour. They expect job growth for forklift operators to increase by 4% from 2022 to 2032. This growth rate is similar to the average for all jobs.

Philadelphia’s job market for forklift operators seems strong. Job sites like and SimplyHired list many openings. This shows a consistent need for skilled operators. It also matches the demand expected nationally.

Companies Hiring Forklift Operators in Philadelphia, PA

Here are 5 companies in Philadelphia, PA, known to hire forklift operators:


Amazon, a leader in online sales, often looks for forklift operators in Philadelphia. The job includes managing inventory, moving packages, and operating forklifts. They provide competitive pay and benefits. They also offer opportunities for career advancement.


UPS, known for package delivery and logistics, hires forklift operators in Philadelphia. The role involves loading and unloading packages and moving items in warehouses.


Walmart, a major retail company, often looks for forklift operators in Philadelphia. They’re employed in their stores and distribution centers. Walmart offers benefits like flexible work hours and employee discounts.


PepsiCo, known for food and drinks, hires forklift operators in Philadelphia. The work involves moving items and keeping the warehouse in order.


Coca-Cola, the other beverage giant, hires forklift operators in Philadelphia. The job usually includes handling products, managing inventory, and using forklifts. Coca-Cola also offers training and chances for employee advancement.

FAQs About Forklift Training in Philadelphia, PA

Do you need a license to drive a forklift in Pennsylvania?

You don’t need a driver’s license to work as a forklift operator in Pennsylvania. But, you do need to get the proper training and certification. This can come from either your employer or a qualified training program. This is to ensure you can safely operate a forklift at work, as OSHA requires.

What do I need to operate a forklift in Pennsylvania?

You need formal instruction, hands-on training, and workplace evaluation to operate a Pennsylvania forklift. This is per OSHA, the federal workplace safety authority. OSHA doesn’t specify that forklift operators have a driver’s license. Nor do they demand specific educational qualifications for forklift drivers. However, many employers prefer workers to have a high school diploma or a GED.

Can I get forklift certified if I have no experience in Philadelphia, PA?

You can get forklift certified in Philadelphia without previous experience. Many training programs teach beginners all they need to know. You can take them online or face-to-face.

How old do I need to be to operate a forklift in Philadelphia?

OSHA rules say you must be at least 18 to operate a forklift. But there are exceptions, like for younger people working in agriculture. This age rule applies all over the United States.

Where can I get training to become a Pennsylvania forklift driver?

In Philadelphia, PA, you can find forklift operator training from different places. This includes both online courses and in-person programs. See Goodwill Industries, Total Equipment Training, and All Purpose Forklift Training for in-person training. For online training, see, 360training, and Forklift Academy.

Is online forklift certification valid in Philadelphia, PA?

Online forklift certification training can be valid in Philadelphia. But, OSHA says operators also need hands-on training and evaluation in workplace conditions. Employers usually provide these. Afterward, employers must formally authorize operators. They do so by issuing a forklift certification with the operator’s name, trainer’s name, training date, and evaluation date.

How long does it take to get forklift certified in Pennsylvania?

Becoming forklift certified in Pennsylvania varies in time, depending on your training choice. In-person training usually takes 4 to 8 hours in a day. This includes lessons, practice, and evaluation. Online training can be quicker. It’s often 1 to 2 hours for the education and test.

How much does forklift training cost in Philadelphia, PA?

The cost of forklift operator training in Philadelphia can vary. In-person courses are more expensive, usually costing a few hundred dollars per operator. Online training is often more affordable, ranging from $60 to $100 per course.

How much do forklift drivers make in Pennsylvania?

In Pennsylvania, forklift operators usually earn between $16 and $20 per hour. That’s about $45,000 a year. But wages can vary with overtime and job specifics. Operators with more experience or more duties might make more.

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