How We Review Products

At Forklift Authority, our primary focus is providing in-depth and reliable information about forklifts and material handling equipment. We understand the importance of safety, compliance with regulatory guidelines, and sustainability in the material handling industry. To ensure that our reviews are reputable and trustworthy, we have established the following guidelines:

We do:

Here’s everything we do before we feature a forklift product or service on our pages:

Follow Regulatory Advice

In our niche, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) and state-specific OSHA plans play a crucial role in setting safety standards. We are committed to complying with OSHA guidelines, especially when reviewing programs and compliance-related aspects.

Check User Reviews

Our approach to product reviews combines hands-on experience, whenever applicable, with a thorough evaluation of industry publications, manufacturer’s literature, product videos, and user feedback. We prioritize credible and genuine customer feedback to provide well-rounded assessments.

Assess Brand History

When reviewing products, we carefully monitor brand recalls, manufacturing issues, and overall brand reputation. We only recommend products from reputable companies with proven quality standards.

Analyze Quality & Safety

Safety is paramount in the material handling industry. Our recommendations prioritize product safety and reliability. We strive to provide advice, tips, and strategies that promote safety and efficient operations.

Understand Pricing and Positioning

We understand that our audience consists of both individual consumers and business buyers with varying budgets. Our product recommendations span different price ranges, catering to the needs of individuals and businesses alike.

Look Into Availability

Considering the challenges posed by long lead times in the industry, we actively seek products and solutions that can reduce lead times. We aim to help businesses maintain uptime and operational efficiency.

We don’t:

Things you’ll NEVER see us do on Forklift Authority:

Accept Sponsorship Fees

Forklift Authority does not engage in sponsorships or partnerships with brands. We do not accept monetary compensation in exchange for writing reviews. We are committed to maintaining transparency and impartiality.

Ignore the Facts

We never ignore facts and advice provided by regulatory bodies, such as OSHA. Our reviews are based on verified, reliable data from government sources, educational institutions, industry associations, and reputable publications.

Post anything unethical

We prioritize ethical concerns, including sustainability, in our reviews. For example, we consider sustainable forklift fuels like lithium-ion and hydrogen fuel cells, which align with evolving industry standards.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or need clarification regarding our review guidelines.

Thank you for entrusting us as your forklift and material handling information source.

Best Regards,

Forklift Authority